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17 June 2013


Pick Floyd members off to Poland

As you may know, our fine man of keys Graeme often performed with 'The Spirit of Floyd' who gigged extensively and to large audiences in Europe. That band has now evolved into 'The Pink Floyd Show UK' and there's a new round of gigs with an opening show in Warsaw June 22nd headlining the 'Garlands over Vistula' (Wianki nad Wisłą).

More details here.

This time we're chuffed that, not only will Graeme be in front of an audience of around 70,000, he will also be joined by our newest member Calum, whose exquisite flair and feel on the guitar captured the attention of band's management.

Is this a conflict of interest? Not in the least. We view Andy and the rest of The Pink Floyd UK Show not as competitors but as colleagues and compatriots. Anyone with that level of passion to take the music to a wider audience is good with us ... and a fantastic opportunity for the guys involved.

Any time we individually or collectively have the opportunity to collaborate and cooperate with them ... and indeed almost any of the Pink Floyd tributes, we'd be delighted.

Graeme and Calum, have a great gig and see you at Monmouth in a couple of weeks.

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