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10 March 2012


Hot news about our additional guitarist!

Its time we told you a bit about the second guitar player for Pick Floyd.

First, a bit of background ...

As most of you will know, since the 70s, Pink Floyd have always toured with more than one guitar player. The music requires it and any Floyd-based show would be too sparse without the extra layer it provides.

When forming Pick Floyd, we knew that Alan was itching to handle more of the lead work than he did in the previous incarnation. He's a great player and a huge David Gilmour fan, so that's all good.

Building from that, we put together a set of requirements of what we'd look for in another guitarist. We wanted an experienced gigging guitarist ... a fan of Pink Floyd who was familiar with playing the material ... someone with equal ability with lead and rhythm work ... who has the ear and feel to recreate set-pieces but also the chops to relax and improvise when required (especially important for the Floyd 77 set)

We had a number of conversations with a bunch of interested and interesting players ... some at the very top of the tree ... but, as is often the case, the answer was right under our noses.

This is a natural player who has studied music to a high level ... has been gigging for years ... huge fan of Floyd and had already gigged Floyd material.

We invited him to join us at a rehearsal for the Floyd 77 set ... with less that 24 hours notice and knowing he hadn't gigged most of it.

We had planned to run through some Floyd standards (Money, Numb) to get a feel for his style, ability and tone ... and they were just great. Fortunately for us, he was already familiar with all of the material for the 77 show, being a fan himself, and had spent a few hours earlier in the day listening to the bootleg versions. So we then ran through Dogs, Sheep, Pigs, Have a Cigar and Wish You Were Here and, from listening and memory alone he blew us away with his rhythm, solos and set pieces. He immediately brought a raw edge and bundles of life and energy musically. There were grins all round the band listening to him play and, given the little notice and lack of preparation, he knocked it out of the park!

So, we now have 2 great guitarists that will share the duties ... You already know Alan.


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